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A Review of Advertising and Ad Funding Solutions


  • Consider Alternative Financing Sources that lower the cost of your advertising efforts. Your ROI will always be better when the advertising costs you less.
  • Demand advertising expertise from your funding partner. They must understand the metrics needed for a successful campaign.
  • Do your research. Look into the investing history of your funding partner to ensure there is a good match and references of previous activity

Call it Advertising Funding, Ad Funding, Media Financing, Media Funding, Advertising Venture Capital, Advertising Funding Solutions, Media Finance, Advertisement Funding or ad funding solutions the need is the same.

One of the primary challenges facing companies in today’s economy is accessing funding sources to secure financing to expand marketing efforts.

The ability to establish and maintain sufficient marketing budgets to create advertising campaigns that provide growth to brand awareness and retail sales figures can be a burden on operational income streams and have historically been financed during the growth stages of many major brand launches. Lending from traditional debt based sources is at an all time low and the venture capital market is becoming more restrictive and prohibitively expensive.

Many company owners are seeking alternative arrangements to access the needed cash infusion to fuel advertising and marketing campaigns.

In a recent review of funding options for advertising or media financing needs we found that options do exist. Options that do provide the capital needed to fund the advertising campaigns needed to propel a brand forward and do so without giving up a substantial percentage of the brand itself. When searching for advertising or media funding we found a number of options based on credit card receipt financing which although expensive does work for companies involved in direct sales or direct response efforts . It unfortunately does not help those who sell their product through a retail distribution chain or do not have the long history of stable sales figures required by these credit card financiers.

We also found a company providing debt, minority equity and revenue stream financing specifically for advertising and media programs. An investment wing of a direct response company they have the advertising expertise needed to integrate the advertising campaign development and implementation with the funding needed to create a marketing effort at the levels needed to dramatically increase sales Media Funding Group provides Advertising Funding Solutions, Advertising Venture Capital and Individual Campaign Ad Funding Solutions for national or regional advertising Campaigns. Their programs offer all major forms of media placements to meet the advertising objectives of a product launch or continued retail support including Television, Radio Newspapers, and Magazine, Outdoor, Transit, Internet and Mobile campaigns.

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During our review of solutions to advertising funding needs we also found one of the oldest options in the book. Barter and what is called Corporate Trade financing has been used for centuries to acquire what you need using what you have.

Corporate Trade Financing is an 8 billion dollar industry in North America alone. Seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies reap the benefits of structured trade financing.

When a business needs to advertise to gain new customers and expand market share through a structured branding campaign or integrated direct response effort and does not have the cash resources to do so they can use their products, services and other assets to finance and pay for major advertising campaigns.

There are literally hundreds of barter and trade exchanges in operation in local markets working with local business owners to trade what they have for what they need.

We also found a corporate trade entity which focuses solely on providing advertising campaigns on a local, regional or national basis using a company’s goods or services to pay for the advertising. Barter Media Brokers offers an array of alternative barter financing programs designed to help your business grow in today’s challenging economy. They will provide your company with a credit line to purchase advertising and allow you to pay back the advertising purchases made on your barter credit line with guaranteed new sales of your company's products and services.

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Funding your advertising efforts through traditional bank financing may not always be an option, and finding an angel investor that understands your business model may not be possible. Options do exist to provide the capital needed to fund the advertising and marketing campaigns needed to propel your brand forward.

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